BBN International – three decades of global B2B partnerships

BBN International has been nominated the world’s leading independent partnership of international B2B communication agencies.

Over the last thirty years, BBN has brought together agencies across the globe, lending them a uniform and structured approach to the gamut of B2B marketing services – from branding, to PR, marketing and other creative services. Its aim is to build a global talent pool, with a variety of highly specialised skill sets. In fact, BBN partners employ more than 1 200 B2B specialists, speaking 35 languages, across 23 different B2B sector. BBN Central and the executive board comprise experienced directors from world-leading B2B agencies (BBN partners).

The appointment of a partner in sub-Saharan Africa was in line with BBN’s partnership strategy (and a key focus for several years) to grow the group’s presence in the African market.


Our proven track record

CubicICE was selected by BBN because of its proven B2B marketing capabilities and experience; it consistently delivers effective strategic digital SEO and campaigns. The agency has served clients in southern Africa’s industrial sector for over 36 years, developing integrated marketing and communications strategies that have delivered measurable gains. A certified Google Partner, CubicICE delivers strategic digital campaigns (utilising a SOSTAC® approach) to achieve maximum online exposure, build visibility and web traffic for clients as well as generate quality leads and conversions.

“That BBN selected CubicICE as the African agency partner, is testament to our B2B expertise, knowledge and experience. We are already becoming a global agency, as our clients’ businesses grow beyond the borders of Africa,” explains CubicICE CEO, Megan Stark. “We are very proud to be sub-Saharan Africa’s BBN partner agency, and we look forward to our engagement with the BBN team. There is no doubt that this partnership will strengthen our offering for our clients and keep us well ahead of our competitors,” comments Stark.

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