Web Development

We see websites as strategic business tools that can improve profitability by boosting sales leads. We build responsive websites in a range of platforms.


We've optimised hundreds of sites using a range of digital, design and writing tactics that ensure pages rank higher for strategic search terms.

Lead Generation

CubicICE uses a range of marketing techniques to convert web visits into email and phone enquiries, generating valuable leads for our clients.

Search Marketing

CubicICE is a Google Partner and SEO-Certified Professional, offering the full suite of SEO and Google Ads services to boost traffic to your landing pages.

Online Marketing

In the fast-paced world of online marketing, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the most effective paid, organic and social media marketing techniques.

Email Marketing

We have full strategic email marketing capabilities, from creative and copy to database management, distribution, measurement and reporting.

Social Media Advertising

Channels like Facebook and LinkedIn can be a low-cost, high reach advertising tool, but only in the hands of a skilled digital marketing company.

Social Media Engagement

CubicICE is capitalising on the reach potential of social media platforms to grow our clients' brands, particularly when targeting African markets.

Google Analytics and Reporting

By analysing, measuring and monitoring the performance of our campaigns, we extract key business intelligence and actionable information to maximise success.


  • A SOSTAC® approach to online campaign management
  • Websites developed for any device - mobile, desktop and tablet
  • Complete website support services - hosting and maintenance
  • Advanced search market share, including search rankings
  • A Google-certified Partner, SEO-certified and IAB member

  • We understand how social media fits within B2B companies
  • Extensive online lead generation experience
  • Proven digital success for global and local companies
  • Ability to work in different languages
  • Website and online campaign analysis and reporting

"This team is ready and able to give any organisation a serious competitive advantage."
Jim Sterne, Chairman, Web Analytics Association


If it's on the list it's on the cards!


Google Ads

Of course! We're certified by Google for search, display and social online advertising!


We track the performance of your campaigns so we can demonstrate ROI and make intelligent decisions for max. effectiveness.

Banner ads

Yup, we design mobile and desktop online ads, and will handle their placement, whether on the Google Display Network or a third-party site.


In 2016, companies with active website blogs generated 67% more leads. We blog for small clients and global corporations!

Call tracking

Yes, we do call tracking.

Content marketing

We're content marketing experts for the B2B and industrial markets.

Display advertising

We use display advertising to reach highly targeted market segments at specific stages in a buyer cycle for maximum marketing effectiveness.

Dedicated landing pages

Great for specific, standalone online objectives. Design, development, conversion and call tracking - we've got you covered.

Digital strategy

We develop a digital marketing strategy based on research and an understanding of your business, your industry and your competitors, and target traffic through the most relevant digital marketing channels.

Email marketing

Yup, plain text, rich text or HTML emailers as you require. We can also track open, bounce and conversion rates of these mailers.

Mobile marketing

We offer full design, development, media generation and analytics services for any mobile marketing requirement.


All in-house, from content generation to distribution.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

We'll define campaigns, produce content and manage your PPC budget to increase lead generation.

Public Relations

Check! Paid, shared or earned, we use online PR to boost traffic and increase brand authority.


Yup, see display advertising above.

SEM (search engine marketing)

Of course! We're experts in maximising webpage visibility, through both paid and organic search.

SEO (search engine optimisation)

We love SEO (and the success it brings our clients!). At both a technical and content generation level, we optimise websites to the latest search engine algorithms according to search intent to drive high-quality web traffic to your site.

Social media marketing

From Facebook and Google+ to LinkedIn, we use social media marketing to advertise to potential customers and build relationships.

User Experience Design (UXD)

The user experience is at the heart of any digital interface. We develop interfaces according to a research-driven understanding of the demographic, technical, physical, social and organisational environments of your audiences!

Website development

You're speaking to the masters! You'll find a team of website development experts at this digital marketing agency.


We offer WordPress builds as part of our suite of available website development platforms.


Zelda Onay is one of our account executives! Schedule an appointment to meet this lovely lady today!


Some of Africa's biggest B2B brands partner with CubicICE as their preferred digital marketing agency!




  • Digital marketing levels the playing field between small and large businesses. If you're not doing it, competitors probably are, and if they aren't, this is your gap!

  • Digital marketing is cost-effective, providing high, measurable ROI! As a leading digital marketing agency, we're in the business of optimising your cost-per-lead, ensuring your marketing spend is invested only in the most productive marketing channels.

  • Digital marketing works: effective digital marketing driving high conversion rates for companies, on average, increases revenue growth expectancy by 280%.

  • Online marketing increases closeness to target audiences. It establishes effective communication and engagement channels with highly targeted audiences that you can deliver relevant, valuable marketing content to, avoiding shotgun approaches to achieving your objectives.

  • A skilled digital marketing specialist provides a comprehensive range of tools to target the complete buying cycle. In B2B and industrial markets, sales processes are over 20% longer than they were 5 years ago. This is because the Internet has empowered end users to research their prospects much more before they make a decision to buy. A premier digital marketing agency based in Johannesburg, we use proven Internet marketing tools to strategically segment and target very defined audiences according to their intent across the buying cycle.

  • Digital marketing caters to your mobile audience. People are using their phones to find things! Make sure they find you!

  • Digital marketing can have a viral impact on brand reputation!

  • Digital marketing builds brand trust, through accurate, plausible and helpful content, and through third party signals, including linking and independent testimonials.

  • Online marketing facilitates accurate, effective statistical measurement at low cost. We use Google Analytics to gain detailed intelligence that can be used to further develop and optimise active and future marketing campaigns while also providing a clear account of your Internet marketing ROI.

  • It's much faster to action a communication requirement through digital media than through traditional marketing channels.

As a premier digital marketing agency, our mission is to deliver innovative, results-driven marketing solutions to southern Africa's industrial companies to maximise marketing exposure for their businesses.



CubicICE started as a PR and design based media agency, adding digital services to our marketing mix in the late 1990s. Since then, we've established ourselves as South Africa's leading marketing company in the B2B and industrial space, with unmatched knowledge of what's required to succeed in today's buyer-empowered world.

But what do we find in the field of industrial-based digital marketing in 2019?

Many companies aren't taking full advantage of the sales lead generation potential that Internet marketing offers. Many South Africa companies still rely overwhelmingly on traditional lead generation tactics, achieved largely through field sales teams and reputation, and believe their potential customers aren't using the Internet to find their products and services. And what we find, is that this is almost always not true. It's rare that we don't find valuable Internet traffic related to specific B2B and industrial business offerings; i.e. users looking online to partner with other companies, for industrial goods, equipment, engineering or service-related solutions.

The proof's in the pudding. Watch Managing Director and head of digital Megan Stark discuss digital marketing ROI in the video below:



What happens in 20 years in the digital advertising world?

Lots. Our journey as a premier digital marketing agency began in a time when multimedia and Web 1.0 drove the online world. In the almost 20 years since then, we've had front row seats to witnessing the rise of Google, YouTube, social media and a whole lot of other digital innovations that today are such a dominant feature of our lives. Around 2006, web analytics began to take off, allowing online marketing agencies to become a lot more data savvy in marketing and ad placements based on audience profile and intentions. These data analytics platforms are today the foundation of successful online campaigns.

Over this time, CubicICE has always been an early adopter of digital technologies, and in understanding the lead generation and brand building potential of each new online marketing medium as they arise. We've consistently kept ahead of the latest digital marketing trends, constantly and successfully adapting to the ever-changing online world.

Today as a leading digital marketing agency, we earn results through web content with a sharp focus on customer experience optimisation, and in strategically marketing to the customer's journey in real time with targeted marketing messages.

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CubicICE is a top digital marketing agency based in Johannesburg. With an active blog, you can generate more leads.
Graphic of Google search. A top digital marketing company, we'll help you get results on Google Ads and search engine optimization.
Effective B2B digital marketing can increase growth expectancy by 280%
Image of buying cycles. We're a full-service digital agency that will help you target the customer journey.


The most effective strategy for increasing online market share for your company is through a holistic, integrated digital approach based around a website built for lead generation.

Why? Because the 3 most used media channels for today's buyers are search engines, online catalogues and supplier websites. With a website providing a full catalogue of your products and service offerings that is at the same time optimised for Google search, you'll have a critical business asset aligned with your customer profile.

What might this actually look like? We will work with you to tailor a marketing plan to your objectives and budget requirements, but here's an overview of a full online marketing strategy:



To succeed online, you need to work with a capable and well-equipped team that can adapt to the fast-paced online environment: a digital marketing agency that has the knowledge, experience and professionalism to deliver on expectations. Using the optimum digital media channels, we execute unique, innovative client-specific campaigns according to your particular business objectives.

Planning a successful digital strategy:

CubicICE has the skills required to help B2B and industrial companies formalise an effective website or digital strategy. Building online success and sustainability forms the core of our planning.

The following steps describe our approach to a successful digital marketing strategy:

  • We'll start by gaining a detailed understanding of your business profile and offerings as well as your marketing objectives

  • Following that, CubicICE will research and analyse the online market related to your business, including search volumes, trends and intent as well as engagement potential

  • We'll conduct a full review and evaluation of any existing website / digital communications you may have, including SEO audits and online engagement channels

  • Next, an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of online competitors and an evaluation of online market share

  • Depending on current brand strength, CubicICE will help define or refine your value proposition and translate your business marketing objectives into digital objectives

  • Once the overriding digital objectives are defined, and depending on the required digital media channels to be used, we can begin to plot out website architecture, findability, usability and conversion. What web design platforms will be used? Will Google Ads be an effective lead generation platform?

  • Our digital strategists will then plan and define effective search engine marketing tactics that can be used to achieve specific, targeted tactical objectives. This can include SEO as well as paid search and online advertising strategies.

  • Online marketing and engagement requires ongoing attention, campaign management and support. From web hosting and technical maintenance to SEO and Google Analytics, we'll look after your site on a day-to-day basis

  • Can social media marketing play a role as part of a broader campaign within your industry? We'll analyse social media data analytics to assess whether social media would be effective in engagement, brand awareness and lead generation.


We offer a wide range of website development platform options, from pure HTML code to WordPress or Swooji, to ensure you get the website you need to maximise your lead generation potential.

We have web developers, graphic designers, digital administrators and a content team - all in-house, ensuring a cohesive, client-focused web build that will exceed your expectations. We'll work with you to develop the optimum navigational, usability, content and conversion structure for your site, and build this within an efficient, search engine-friendly web design framework to your requirements.

A premier, client-driven digital marketing agency, our recent work includes a wide range of website builds: from 20-page catalogue sites for smaller businesses, to a 1 000+ page website for Africa's largest hydraulics and automation company!

Worldwide in 2017, for the first time, more search took place on a mobile device than on a computer. Mobile-friendly web development is one of the building blocks of online marketing success; even more so if you're targeting growth in Africa. In fact, in 2016, 63% of businesses said they plan to invest in a mobile-friendly website design. It's also a Google ranking factor. From the ground up, we build websites responsively, designed for optimum performance across viewing devices.


With a website in place, we can now focus on gaining traffic and visibility to target the over 90% of buyers who use search engines to look for the products and services they need.

Search engine marketing includes both organic (unpaid) and paid search marketing. We focus not just on generating high traffic; we target high-quality, high-intent traffic to give you greater conversion rates, with a better chance of converting lead into sale.

Paid search pay per click advertising with Google Ads is a great tool for quickly increasing your online presence and for targeting specific business offerings. Yet you also want to ensure your website is among the top listings of the unpaid (organic) search results in Google. Sites listed on the first page of Google get almost 92% of the web traffic, with the first listed page receiving about 33% of all traffic related to that search query.

To ensure your website shows up in the search results, you need a digital marketing agency that has a results driven, analytical understanding of the complex world of SEO. This includes technical, content, UX and social engagement considerations, as well as an understanding of your customer target market and the ways these buyers use search engines.

Too many SEO services in South Africa are based around basic CMS plugins and limited knowledge of the search engine framework and poor SEO definition, providing little longevity in organic market share. As a Google Partner and SEO-certified digital marketing agency, CubicICE has an in-depth understanding of search engine optimisation, illustrated by the high keyword rankings we achieve for our clients in competitive online markets:

Veolia Water Technologies google.co.za 58 search terms 112 search terms
JoJo Tanks google.co.za 74 search terms 86 search terms
Hytec Group google.co.za 43 search terms 82 search terms
Truco google.co.za 67 search terms 83 search terms
Projects IQ google.co.za 36 search terms 71 search terms
Multotec google.co.za 95 search terms 124 search terms

These rankings are all considered high value based on search volume, search intent and relevance to the business.

Looking for an SEO specialist in Johannesburg? Contact us here or read more about our search marketing services here.


By serving targeted audiences with relevant, usable marketing content, we're in the business of optimising website conversion for the lowest cost per click. By using Google Analytics and user feedback to provide a structured and systematic framework for improving website performance, we make sure that your web traffic is working for you!

Bounce rates, exit rates, time on site, page views - these are among the online marketing metrics that we use to optimise site performance, combined with advanced scroll and click monitoring data analytics.

Why is CRO so important? Because it identifies areas of improvement in online marketing campaigns. Constantly working to leverage maximum performance value from each element of your marketing content means more effective communications. CRO helps to constantly improve engagement with the right type of customer, and therefore works to lower your customer acquisition costs and maximise profits.

That's why some of Africa's largest industrial brands use CubicICE as their digital marketing agency of choice!


An increasingly important part of any digital marketing agency, social media marketing is a low-cost, high-reach channel for engaging highly-defined target audiences. Many social media marketing companies aren't sure yet how to maximise social media's potential for B2B markets, but we've demonstrated excellent success across a range of platforms: we secured a sale-converting lead exceeding R100 million in Nigeria through targeted Facebook campaigns. In addition to lead and sales generation, our use of social media in B2B marketing has proven to be equally effective in brand awareness and perception building.

Besides opening important communication channels with potential customers in the B2B sector, we use social media marketing for clients looking to build long-term customer relationships. In addition to being an excellent loyalty tool, the dialogue of social media channels provide a useful barometer of end user-driven industry and solution requirements, as well as general feedback surrounding your brand.

We use social media marketing services across a wide range of platforms, including Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. From online advertising to social media engagement and interactive marketing, we're a digital marketing agency knows how to use social media for success in the B2B and industrial environments.

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Is your design in sync with your users? The context of usage

We look at the importance of understanding the real-world context of use of a product in providing a framework for approaching design projects.


How has the semantic web improved our experience of the net and what does this mean for SEO? We take a look at the incorporation of LSI in online search.


What are the foundations of online success in a B2B environment? We investigate organic search, PPC advertising, social media marketing and email.



A leading digital marketing agency in Africa's B2B and industrial sectors, we've run campaigns in 7 different languages, providing clients with localised marketing content for particular audience demographics. Wherever you're aiming to achieve growth, we can tailor your marketing content and website design to any language requirements your target market has.


As an integrated marketer with over 30 years' experience, we are a full service agency with in-house public relations and creative design teams delivering a range of services to our clients. An integrated marketing approach means we can bring together all the different elements of your marketing objectives to life across a range of purpose specific channels, leveraging maximum marketing ROI for your efforts.

When you combine your online marketing and digital advertising campaigns within a more integrated approach that can include a public relations strategy, you can:

  • Build your brand through a more cohesive identity. This means increased brand recognition amongst more people

  • Create a richer representation of your brand's story. A multi-faceted, multichannel approach to marketing creates a more believable, credible brand authority in the marketplace

  • Target the full buy cycle to nurture leads through the sales funnel with flexible campaigns boosting authority, awareness, credibility or lead generation as required

  • Nurture and maintain long-term customer relationships, and provide greater dialogue with customers

  • Integrated marketing means using media channels according to their usefulness and effectiveness for each specific marketing objective you have.

As your end-to-end marketing company, CubicICE provides turnkey, integrated digital marketing solutions with full media management, creative and technical services.

At CubicICE, we're a full-service digital agency, advertising agency, creative agency and brand agency all in one!

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