Our marketing services include:


We offer both traditional and digital marketing services to build brand authority, visibility and credibility and maximise lead generation.

Marketing Implementation

CubicICE ensures that all marketing plans are turned into actionable assignments aligned your business' overall marketing objectives.

Performance Measurement

B2B and Industrial marketing management includes defined performance milestones and analytical systems to understand success in any campaign.

Marketing Strategy

We'll translate your business objectives into a complete marketing strategy that drives your brand's value propositions across a full marketing mix.

Lead Generation

We use a multichannel marketing approach across the B2B sales cycle to nurture leads and convert potential business into email and phone enquiries.

Exhibitions / Events

From concept to build and breakdown, CubicICE designs and supplies professional, attention-grabbing event marketing solutions.

Brand Identity

We'll make sure your brand is working for you, as experts in building awareness, recognition and credibility around a strong corporate image.

Online Marketing

We're a digital marketing agency with our fingers on the pulse of the most effective Internet marketing techniques, from SEM to email marketing.

Media Buying

As your end-to-end PR partner, CubicICE negotiates on your behalf all advertising rates with all publications to ensure you get the best rate per insertion.


As a full advertising agency, we offer print and online advertising services to ensure you reach your potential and existing customers.


We'll help tell your brand's story with compelling sales copy that positions your products or services in an attractive, market-sensitive light.

Direct Marketing

Direct mail marketing? Guerrilla marketing? Fliers and leaflets? Partner with one of SA's top direct marketing companies for industry and B2B.


  • Create brand awareness through traditional and digital marketing
  • Secure print publishing in magazines with good media relations
  • Combine the power of traditional and digital marketing
  • Develop mobile-friendly websites that secure leads
  • Generate organic and paid leads from Google search
  • Measurable ROI with monthly analytical reporting

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A full-service marketing strategy isn't just about producing effective communications around product and service promotion, and we help companies develop their end-to-end marketing intelligence with a view to growing long-term business development capabilities. A specialised strategic marketing plan can help you:

  • Directly drive sales enquiries, by positioning your company in the digital and traditional marketing spaces your potential customers are looking at.

  • Create 'top of mind' awareness for your brand. With integrated marketing communications that consistently get your messages to the right target audience over time, your brand can become inseparable from particular industry categories.

  • Improve your ability to refine and modify product positioning, and exploit and develop markets for new products according to empirical market intelligence.

  • Define new methods for promoting products to customers in constantly changing advertising and sales environments.

  • Build new strategic partnerships and innovative distributor channels focused around changing requirements of B2B and industrial customers.

  • Maximise brand value. A premium brand commands extra market worth; if it's seen as the preferred choice in a particular application, its value increases in relation to demand for a premium good.

  • Guide and stimulate research and development programmes and business ideas that respond to customer and market requirements.

  • Boost customer satisfaction and increase the chance of referrals with good communication and engagement channels. Position your brand as the market leader in customer satisfaction and intimacy through well executed brand development and marketing communications to make sure you're getting those referred leads.


We've implemented integrated marketing strategies for over 200 clients - some of which have been with us for more than 20 years! Here's what some of our clients have to say about CubicICE:


CubicICE specialises in B2B and industrial and business to business marketing. But what's so unique about marketing to business people and engineers as opposed to consumers, and is it a truly specialised marketing field? What is B2B and industrial marketing? In answering this question, let's take a brief look at the differences and characteristics of industrial and consumer marketing:

  • There are far fewer purchases in the B2B market than in the consumer market; but they're often bulk purchases and generally of much higher value. With fewer industrial buyers, shotgun communication methods of consumer marketing are replaced with more focused, targeted channels delivering richer, deeper marketing content.

  • There are much closer relations between seller and buyer in the B2B market. Close and professional business relationships are often long term assets, with buyers purchasing products over a longer period of time.

  • Because business purchases represent significant capital investments that need to deliver financial returns, business buyers are less easily convinced than consumers, and marketers need to have a deep product and market knowledge if they are to be successful.

  • Industry demand ultimately derives from consumer behaviour, and a dip in demand for a particular good will impact the upstream demand for raw materials and value added products of that product. Marketers need to understand not just individual products, but entire value chains in which those products fit as well.

  • Business purchases are overseen by different authorities and officials often representing various departments within an organisation, and this can complicate the buying process. Marketing communications need to be able to address the various interests of all parties in a purchase. Consider the following:
Image showing buyers in industrial marketing. From content marketing and marketing online to service marketing, we're a marketing firm driven by results.
Graph showing industrial marketing management. We're an online marketing company for any business to business marketing job!

Turns out audiences in the business environment have vastly different patterns of media use and consumption, financial responsibilities, and business motives than consumers across the sales cycle, requiring a richer delivery of content to highly targeted customer segments.

That's why you need a specialist B2B marketing agency that understands the industrial sale and is an expert in business brand management. Speak to CubicICE today to see how we can help your company!



As a leading B2B and industrial marketing agency, we provide 'turnkey', end-to-end marketing solutions for companies for any communication requirement. We offer not just the full bouquet of marketing channels across digital and traditional communications, but the experience and knowledge of how to leverage maximum value within southern Africa's industry and business to business sales environments for greatest ROI.

Providing tailored marketing solutions always begins with your unique business models, requirements and objectives. That's why we'll do thorough, deep-dive market research into existing and potential markets, competitors as well as online web traffic and trend analysis before even considering how your business objectives can be translated into marketing activities.

Once marketing and communication requirements have been identified, a marketing mix relevant to your brand and business priorities can be established. This can include a wide mix of marketing tools, such as website marketing, online marketing including search engine marketing, strategic advertising or public relations strategies. We'll help develop and refine your company's primary value propositions to communicate your brand priorities and specialisations in a set of key, integrated messages that target your customers in effective, relevant ways.

We have dedicated teams of account managers, designers, copywriters, Google specialists and support staff, all driven towards accomplishing your business goals through strategic business intelligence, innovative marketing ideas and unmatched communications skill.

We constantly measure and monitor the performance of your B2B and industrial marketing activities through monthly analytical reports, building ongoing campaign intelligence that we use to constantly tweak, refine and adapt your marketing strategy to yield maximum ROI. Read more on our approach to measuring and reporting here.

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Marketing for the manufacturing industry, like other business to business marketing, needs to recognise the more complex sales processes associated with large capital investments, and effectively communicate with a range of decision makers across an organisation that could include engineers, procurement officers and even C-level execs. We help manufacturers position products in exciting ways that understand your brand and address your customers' needs to enhance traction in the marketplace.

Whether you run a large or small manufacturing business, we can help you with tailored business marketing solutions. We offer the full marketing mix to the manufacturing industry, so whether your aim is to actively increase leads or merely create awareness and credibility around your brand, CubicICE can help you with a full manufacturing marketing strategy.

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