Google Ads

The Google Display and Search Networks (PPC, Affinity Marketing, etc.) are primary B2B lead generation channels, and we offer them all!


Over 90% of buyers begin their journey with a Google search. We'll help maximise your search engine visibility so that they can find your business!

Email Marketing

We offer end-to-end email marketing services for B2B companies, from design and database management to performance analytics.

Content Marketing

B2B content marketing is all about strategic, high-quality material that targets the full B2B sales process, and you're speaking to the experts!

Social Media

We help companies target new audiences that create valuable new, dynamic lead generation avenues with B2B social media advertising.

Event Marketing

An engaging, professional stand at exhibitions and tradeshows can generate high quality leads. We provide turnkey stand design solutions.


  • We specialise in inbound marketing. By situating your brand in the prime online and offline real estate your target market's buyer journey, we help businesses get quality inbound leads.

  • We constantly work to optimise your cost-per-lead, refining your marketing strategy around only the most successful lead generation tactics.

  • We understand the B2B sales process, and have vast experience across South Africa's major industries. We know what's required to position your brand across the sales cycle.

  • We deal with South Africa's best vertical market trade publications every single day, securing our clients the best media rates for advertisements and other strategic communications.

  • We have a proven lead generation track record in a wide range of B2B and industrial markets across the world, including Africa, Australia, North and South America.


Online advertising with Google Ads is one of the most effective lead generation platforms, giving business high accuracy in reaching potential customers with highly targeted advertisements aligned to users' search intent, interests, browser history and so on.

Google Ads is Google's paid online advertising platform, and consists of 2 advertising networks: the Google Display Network and the Google Search Network, each with its own set of advertising channels. Let's take a closer look:

  • PPC (Per-Per-Click) advertising: PPC ads are seen on the Search Network (here, the search engine results page or SERP) - those text ads commonly appearing at the top (and sometimes side and bottom) of the organic results when you search for products or services on Google.

    These ads enjoy good click volume, and so can be an important source of targeted online traffic. If your company doesn't have an SEO strategy getting your company listed in the first few results of a Google search, then PPC advertising is critical in helping your landing pages get instant, high-quality traffic. The PPC advertising model allows you to 'bid' on keywords relevant to your business on a cost-per-click basis, giving companies wide flexibility both in optimising the kind of traffic they can get to their landing page, and in how your advertising spend is used.

    So get found on Google! Get started with PPC advertising today!

  • Display advertising: Display advertising refers to the online advertising space found across third party websites. Much of this space is 'sold' to Google - which in turn sells and manages this space to companies via the Google Display Network (in a similar bidding to the PPC model described above) - while many sites also sell advertising space privately. From design to media buying and budget and campaign management, CubicICE provides the full spectrum of display advertising services, including:

    Affinity marketing: Target potential customers based on user information including search history, social activity, search query and content consumption patterns, among other signals. Targeting to more defined user profiles allows B2B companies to speak more directly to the needs and demands of their potential buyers.

    Retargeting / remarketing: Business buyers don't usually convert on their first visit to your website. So how do you keep a potential buyer referring back to your site across the buy cycle? One of the most effective ways of lead nurturing that will keep your brand top-of-mind through the buy cycle is through retargeting, where you can strategically re-target non-converting visitors to your site.

    Online banner advertising: This form of display advertising loosely refers to those websites selling advertising space independently of the Google Display Network. Advertising your brand on specialised websites attracting already targeted traffic is a valuable way of increasing your brand awareness and lead generation capabilities.

  • Paid social advertising: Social media advertising can be powerful in amplifying broader digital marketing strategies, and offers companies a wide degree of control in scale and high-level targeting. Social media advertising enhances reach to newer audiences. At CubicICE, we understand how social media fits into the larger online world of business and technical professionals, so we only invest in the most productive social media activities for maximum ROI. To read more about how social media advertising fits into the world of B2B and industrial marketing, click here.


Search engines are the #1 channel used by business buyers in researching prospective products and services, used by over 90% of buyers across the buy cycle. Getting your website listed among the first few listings of the search results is one of the most lucrative lead generation avenues for businesses across the board.

Companies at the top of the pile for a particular Google search will receive over 60% of that traffic. If you do the math, that means approximately 54% of your total potential customers will find products and services you offer through the top-listed web results in search engines. Once your business is listed here, you're in the pound seat to start generating leads from your website!

Getting there - what we call 'increasing your website visibility' - requires a website delivering relevant content that's optimised for search engines: search engine optimisation (SEO). There are supposedly over 250 basic website factors that need to be 'optimised' within the field of SEO. Optimising the crawlability of your website for search engine 'spiders'; a content marketing strategy aligned to user intent; intuitive UX and usability; internal and external linking strategies; social signals; are some of the broader activities of SEO marketing.

At CubicICE, we think of the Internet as a strategic business tool that can improve business activities, reduce operational costs and improve profitability. As a Google Partner and SEO-Certified Professional, we deliver turnkey SEO services to some of Africa's largest brands, from website development, to content optimisation and technical maintenance. With a website optimised for search engines, your business is equipped with one of the most effective in-bound lead generation platforms available!

As an SEO expert and Google Partner, why don't you head on over to our SEO services where you'll find more info on our SEO services and find out how we can help your business.


Have a specific offering you need communicated to your potential buyers? We have the in-house expertise to create and develop, target and monitor your direct mail marketing campaigns, to provide intelligent direct B2B lead generation solutions for businesses in Africa.

While direct marketing is more competitive than ever, it's a crucial tool for businesses to connect with potential and existing customers through personalised, highly relevant communications. Only the most effective direct marketing activities, based on a critical understanding and execution of targeting the right customer for the right product with the relevant message at the relevant time, will deliver worthwhile returns on your marketing investments.

In order to ensure that direct marketing remains a profit-making centre for B2B companies, CubicICE delivers full service direct marketing solutions so we can optimise each stage of the process. This includes database management through pre-scored marketing lists to ensure we can target only the most relevant customer profiles. Targeted messages sent to the right consumer at the right time increase both response rates and lead quality.

We use a range of marketing automation tools to monitor, analyse and track campaign engagement, performance and lead volume, providing transparent ROI and further intelligence to optimise your campaigns.


With the wealth of information available about products and services literally at our fingertips, today's buyers are more empowered than ever, so it's important for companies to build relationships, maximise brand awareness and earn the trust of these buyers at every opportunity!

That's why tradeshows and exhibitions remain influential communication channels for your sales team in 2018. Effective event marketing is a unique B2B lead generation channel in that it connects companies to potential buyers where a brand's focus, mission and personality can be experienced first-hand, in ways that other marketing activities cannot achieve.

You'll find CubicICE's stand design work at many of South Africa's biggest industry tradeshows, including Electra Mining Africa, Africa Automation, Auto Mechanica, NAMPO, bauma CONEXPO AFRICA and WISA.

We have the skills and experience to execute any industrial or B2B event marketing requirements, helping your company generate the leads and brand awareness it needs to expand business opportunities. We offer turnkey event marketing services and provide continuous client support over the duration of the event, down to the finest detail.

Have an event you're thinking about exhibiting at? We'll help you steal the show!


Less than 25% of online enquiries are 'ready to buy leads'; the other 75% needs ongoing engagement and lead nurturing. That's where we come in.

Possessing all the traditional and online marketing tools tailored to the B2B environment in-house, we help companies accurately target customers with effective marketing messages tailored to each phase across the buy cycle. That way, your business can be proactive and highly customer-focused in nurturing lead towards sale.

Pssst! Wondering what the role of each media channel is in the B2B sales process? Read our discussion on the role of media channels across the B2B sales pipeline, which covers everything from white papers to direct mail!


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