Defining VPs & USPs

What distinguishes you in the market? Why would a customer buy your brand? We will develop your value proposition and unique selling points.

Development of ID

We'll develop a corporate identity based on your VPs, and extend it across a logo, look and feel, signage, marketing documents, and so on.

Strategic Messaging

We'll create strategic messages to market across a range of media that communicate your brand's identity, values and ethos.

Implementing Strategy

We'll implement an integrated marketing strategy across carefully researched marketing channels with consistent messaging.

What makes CubicICE a leader in B2B marketing?

Devising a strategy for optimal brand development is critical, as it is through this strategy that the perceptions around your brand are created and sustained. These perceptions both reflect and create your brand's personality, future direction and goals.

At CubicICE, we think that a good brand should:

  • Attract attention
  • Be easy to recognise
  • Be easy to remember
  • Be easy to pronounce
  • Suggest product benefits
  • Be legally protectable
  • Suggest the company or product image
  • Distinguish the company relative to competition



JoJo Tanks


Africa Mining IQ




EAZI Sales & Service


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We understand that branding is about consistently conceived and transmitted values in all the spaces - both physical and conceptual - your brand is experienced. This doesn't only include visual elements (like logo, font type, colours, pictures, and so on); brands can be heard, felt and even smelt and tasted!

Strong brands are built through consistent, cohesive performance of all these elements. It's more than just putting your logo everywhere! It's about tying your brand together as a unified idea across all these representations. Everywhere your brand is represented becomes your brand identity, and creates brand experience.

Because CubicICE delivers an integrated marketing service - covering all elements such as tone of voice, brand colours, logo, tagline or slogan, social media posts, website and promotional materials - we can achieve maximum brand cohesion. This ensures that your customers not only recognise your brand, but understand how it creates value for them.

Brand experience is not one-dimensional. It incorporates every touchpoint of your customer experience.


  • What is your brand position?
    Your brand position should define exactly what your business does, who it is intended for, and why your business is different from the competition.

  • What is your brand promise?
    This is your business' commitment to deliver quality service and products to your customer - every single time. Consider every person that comes into contact with your business, as well as what their expectations are.

  • What is your brand personality?
    Brand personality relates to the traits that you want your business to be known for.

  • What is your brand story?
    Brand story is about building a narrative based around ideas such as relatability, trustworthiness and credibility. Brand stories create a connection between the business and the consumer, allowing consumers to relate to the values of the business.

  • What are your brand associations?
    Brand associations (or visual brand identity) refer to the actual visual elements used to create your brand identity. These include all elements of your visual brand style, and the way they are applied to your business and marketing materials.

Corporate makeover?

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