Marketing Strategy

The foundation of every B2B marketing plan, we'll analyse your business requirements and assess what the best marketing mix is for each objective.

Online Marketing

From SEO to email marketing, we've used B2B online marketing to grow brand awareness and increase lead generation for almost 20 years.

Lead Generation

We use a complete marketing mix across the B2B sales cycle to nurture leads and convert potential business into email and phone enquiries.


Our creative teams produce both print and online ads for B2B and industrial markets. End-to-end service, from concept to media buying.

Web Development

We're skilled in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and build in a range of platforms, including HTML, WordPress or our very own CMS platform, Swooji.

B2B Branding

We'll make sure your brand is working for you, as experts in building awareness, recognition and credibility around a strong corporate image.

Public Relations

From print and online press releases to media relations and reputation management, we'll help create a favourable environment for your business.

Email Marketing

We have full strategic email marketing capabilities, from creative and copy to database management, distribution, measurement and reporting.

Social Media

Channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn are a low-cost, high-reach medium for enhancing brand visibility and building relationships with customers.

Search Marketing

Search engines constantly evolve, and your SEM needs to keep up! From PPC to organic optimisation, we'll maximise your website visibility.

Graphic Design

We have a full B2B graphic design team for all your business communication, brochures, leaflets, signage and other design requirements.

Event Marketing

CubicICE is your complete event marketing partner for trade shows, exhibitions and conferences, bringing creative presentation concepts to life!


WHY B2B Marketing? A specialised approach for business

Transactions in the business vs. consumer environments are two distinct marketing propositions; the difference between B2B and B2C marketing comes down to the nature of the sale: B2C sales are typically faster transactions of lower value. In consumer marketing, emotional triggers such as popularity and ‘status' play a critical role in brand longevity, and B2C marketing specialises in targeting these psychological associations.

B2B sales are more ‘rational' in character, more concerned with a product's potential to increase performance and profitability, and top B2B marketing agencies recognise this rationality vs. emotionality (B2C) divide as crucial in defining their marketing approach. The stakes are higher in business to business sales, which often represent important capital decisions that need to prove returns on investment, made by a larger collective of decision makers and executives.

Business to business marketing strategies need to address this crucial difference with specialised brand awareness, lead generation, and customer engagement strategies using appropriate communication channels.

These communications don't just need to speak to a variety of individuals across organisational functions; they need to effectively and accurately target the various stages of the customer journey with tailored messages, nurturing leads from initial interest to sale. Today this is more important than ever: B2B sales are over 20% longer than they were five years ago as potential customers are using the Internet to do more research than ever before, and it's important to target decision makers across each step of the customer journey with relevant marketing content.

CubicICE has specialised in southern Africa's business to business marketing sector for over 30 years. In this time, we've demonstrated a consistent ability to generate high-quality business leads that have secured our clients hundreds of millions of Rands worth of new business projects through effective, dynamic communication channels between buyer and seller.



Need a marketing strategy that can draw on a wide range of proven communication techniques to increase leads in the B2B marketplace? We've helped small and large, local and international businesses improve their market share through tailored strategies that engage key audiences and improve brand credibility with prospective buyers.

There's no ‘one-size-fits-all' business to business marketing strategy that can claim to deliver universal success across all industries and market requirements. Instead, a marketing strategy will only be successful if it correctly grasps your organisation's unique business goals as well as the requirements of your customer base, and has a fluid approach that can be continually updated and revised based on market and business conditions.

CubicICE offers a holistic approach to marketing strategies for the business to business market based on the SOSTAC® marketing model, from research through to performance monitoring:

  • We'll help develop and refine your company's primary value propositions to communicate your brand priorities and specialisations in a set of key messages that target your customers in effective, relevant ways.

  • We'll do full competitive analysis and market research to understand what marketing channels are being used in your industry, and how and why they are successful or not. This is a critical part of ensuring your marketing efforts have maximum impact with pride-of-place campaigns.

  • Digital marketing is one of the most critical channels for B2B companies to invest in: over 90% of business purchases begin with an Internet search, so you want your business to be seen online in the right place at the right time. The trick is not to silo your digital marketing activities - such as websites, SEO, social media, mailers, online advertising, and so on - but have them working together for your brand through a larger strategic approach and integrated marketing campaign.

  • Another crucial aspect of the business to business marketing strategy is in planning conversion goals. Every item of marketing content should have a conversion goal: the ability of that content to produce some kind of customer action, whether it's a visit to an online catalogue; the submission of an enquiry; or an online purchase.

  • Measurement and analytics enables us to gain constant intelligence on your business to business marketing strategies, identify critical strategic gaps in the marketing mix and accurately demonstrate your return on investments.

B2B marketing strategies require a dedicated, skilful and experienced partner that understands how marketing should be used within today's business sales environments. CubicICE specialises in business to business marketing strategies, with broad industry experience in marketing campaigns that focus on enhancing bottom line business results.


The CubicICE Blog

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Looking for a digital agency with a proven record in online lead generation, brand building and customer engagement that specialises in business to business marketing? We offer the full range of digital marketing services to B2B companies, including website development; search engine marketing and SEO; online advertising; social media marketing; and web analytics, reporting and management.

CubicICE is a Google partner and SEO-certified digital marketing company specialising in B2B. Our digital marketing services are geared towards maximising B2B lead generation by targeting high-intent web traffic with effective, hard-hitting B2B marketing and advertising content according to your unique online business objectives.

As a full service B2B marketing agency, CubicICE offers the complete spectrum of digital marketing and online marketing services:

  • Web consultation and evaluation
  • Responsive web development
  • Web analytics and reporting
  • Social media marketing
  • B2B email marketing
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Google Ads and keyword rankings
  • Remarketing, display and banner advertising
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • Dedicated landing pages

Businesses that don't have a digital marketing presence are missing out on lucrative lead generation avenues: research shows that effective digital marketing driving high conversion rates increases business revenue growth by 280%. With over 90% of business purchases today beginning with an Internet search, can your company afford to not have a digital marketing strategy in place?



In today's B2B sales environment, a website is a critical tool for in-bound lead generation, a platform to which all other online marketing activities can drive. CubicICE offers a wide range of website development platform options, from fully customised HTML code to WordPress or our very own content management system Swooji to ensure you get the website you need to maximise your B2B lead generation potential.

We have a full team of web developers, content writers, graphic designers and digital administrators - all in-house - ensuring cohesive, client-focused B2B sites that will exceed your expectations. We'll work with you to develop the optimum navigational, usability, content and conversion structure for your site, and build this within an efficient, search engine-friendly web development framework to your requirements.

Our recent website builds include small catalogue B2B sites for smaller companies, to a 1 000+ page responsive website for Africa's largest hydraulics and automation Group!

Find out more about our B2B website development here.



Advertising is a core marketing priority for business to business companies looking to grow awareness around their products, services or broader brand, or to communicate specific information to market in line with a focused objective.

We help B2B companies get the market exposure they need to grow their business through end-to-end B2B advertising solutions. From strategy and production to media buying and planning, we'll help you reach your audience with effective, eye-catching advertisements.

As one of South Africa top B2B advertising agencies, our team of graphic designers and copywriters develop innovative, original concepts based around creative B2B marketing campaigns to any design specification - traditional / print and online. CubicICE secures our clients advertising space in top trade publications at discounted rates, and we'll constantly work to get maximum ROI from your advertising spend by targeting only highly relevant readerships.

Our advertising services include:

  • Print ads
  • Display and banner ads
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • Media buying & planning
  • Tracking & monitoring

Use the tabs below to view a selection of our work:

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You can view more of our work here.


CubicICE began as a business to business PR specialist, helping local companies manage their brands in the marketplace. From press releases and technical writing to guerrilla marketing, we've helped brands with business to business marketing that builds awareness, authority and credibility.

We offer customised PR retainers to our clients, where we work with you to enhance your brand and spread awareness about significant projects, new products and technologies, exhibition showcases, and so on, according to a tailored business to business marketing strategy. A PR retainer includes any required interviewing and research, production and liaising with the press in the publication of press and news releases and technical write-ups.

Our PR expertise extends to online PR, where we use blogging, social media, display advertising, email marketing and many other internet marketing channels to maximise your brand performance. Speak to SA's leading B2B and industrial marketing agency today to see how we can help your company!




When all the different elements of your marketing objectives across a range of channels can be brought together into a cohesive integrated marketing approach, the power of each individual element is enhanced even further. The means leveraging maximum ROI from your business to business marketing efforts.

When you combine online marketing, advertising and public relations campaigns within a more integrated business to business marketing approach, you can:

  • Build your brand through a more unified identity. This means increased brand recognition amongst more people

  • Create a richer representation of your brand's story. A multi-faceted, multichannel approach to marketing creates a more believable, credible brand authority in the marketplace

  • Completely target the buying cycle, with flexible B2B marketing communications driving authority, awareness, credibility or lead generation as the market requires

  • Nurture and maintain long-term customer relationships, and provide greater dialogue with customers

  • Integrated marketing means using media channels according to their usefulness and effectiveness for each specific marketing objective you have. The best B2B marketing campaigns don't have deadwood - they fire on all cylinders!

At CubicICE, we'll help grow your business by maximising market exposure. Partner with a leading business to business marketing agency today!

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