Our copywriting services include:

Press Releases

Press releases build brand credibility through third-party endorsements. We write news, product, launch and expert-positioning releases.

Technical Papers

We have experience in writing from white papers and technical documents, shaping important information in an effective, reader-friendly form.

Web Copy / SEO

Writing for the web is strategic; it's not just about alluring, grabbing copy, it's how to frame this within the best practices of Search Engine Marketing.

Online Advertising

When your ad is displayed in prime digital real estate, you need to take make it count! We create impactful online ads with strategic audience targeting.

Print Advertising

Stand out from the crowd! Our print ads are characterised by intelligent concepts that are realised through striking and punchy creatives.


Blogs have proved to be a powerful tool in marketing applications, creating brand awareness, expert-positioning as well as SEO value.

Landing Pages

We create standalone pages designed for specific marketing campaigns. We're consistently successful in generating leads from targeted pages.


We'll help write an effective script for your unique marketing communication requirements, whether for film, interviews, exhibitions or conferences.

Sales Literature

Brochures, product catalogues, leaflets, spec sheets - Whatever your requirements, our in-house expertise produce professional sales literature.


The B2B environment is significantly different from B2C marketing and requires a more technical approach. The length of sales cycles, the segmentation of target markets and the use of technical products and services are just some of the many things we need to consider in a specialised B2B marketing strategy.

Our copywriting team is experienced in writing for technology- and project-related messages that speak to the engineers and decision-makers that make up South Africa's B2B and industrial sectors!

We define our clients' core market value propositions, which we use to build intelligent messages that focus on the unique selling proposition and exclusivity of each product or service.

When approaching a new client, product or service, we seek as much technical and market knowledge about your particular offerings as possible. We believe that a well-founded, critical understanding of your services is crucial to writing effective, hard-hitting copy. We value any product / site training you might offer and welcome interviews with client representatives to help us gain a more thorough understanding of your product and service offerings.

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Our copywriters are part of a creative team that works in close coordination with our designers, digital specialists and account managers to ensure your marketing objectives are realised to the fullest extent!

CubicICE is a Google Certified Partner, and our team of copywriters is trained to write within the most up-to-date parameters that rank favourably within the Google search algorithm.

Certified for our Search Engine Optimisation capabilities, CubicICE generates copy that builds your web presence, consistently striving to ensure your page is a top-ranked entry for high-value keywords applicable to your industry.

CubicICE is a full-service marketing agency specialising in Southern Africa's
B2B and industrial markets.


We've implemented integrated marketing strategies for 200 clients - some of which have been with us for over 20 years! Here's what some of our clients have to say about CubicICE:

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