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Press releases, print advertising, web strategy, Google search, paid online advertising and remarketing - we do it all.

Creative Design

From print ads and exhibition stands to cutting-edge websites and digital banners, we bring creative design ideas to life!

Lead Generation

Our strategic marketing communication targets different stages of a B2B sales cycle to make sure you get that hot lead!

Brand Clarity

Our campaigns pull your brand objectives into a cohesive idea, ensuring customers respond in the way you intended.

Boost Engagement

Did you know research has shown that publishing content across 2 or 3 different channels increases engagement by 24%?

Brand Reinforcement

Reinforcing your brand and message across marketing channels makes it more powerful and keeps it top-of-mind!



You've probably got great products and/or services - but do you have an effective marketing strategy to influence potential customers and show how your business offerings can improve their operations?

Whether you're a large or small business, we want to help grow your revenue by developing a strategic vision for your company that delivers powerful, objective-driven messages to market. We do this as an integrated marketing agency by acting as your brand custodian, where we identify and leverage valuable marketing opportunities that align to your unique short-, medium- and long-term business goals.

With the full suite of traditional and digital marketing communication channels offered in-house, CubicICE is a leading agency for both lead generation and brand building and management for B2B and industrial companies.


  • Integrated marketing brings your brand together in a cohesive corporate identity, which is therefore more recognisable to more people, increasing brand awareness.

  • Integrated marketing provides a richer, multi-faceted and self-reinforcing representation of your brand's story, and is therefore more believable to end users.

  • Integrated marketing allows businesses to target different stages of each sales cycle with strong, clear messages that address client needs - getting the right message at the right time.

  • Integrated marketing focuses on maintaining long-term customer relationships, with greater dialogue between supplier and customer.

  • Integrated marketing maximises your marketing ROI, because messages aren't constrained by their medium. The subtleties of each marketing channel can be employed strategically on a case-by-case basis.

An integrated marketing agency combines branding, awareness and lead generation into a seamless marketing mix to drive business growth. Send us an enquiry to see how we can help your company!



  • We have over 30 years' experience and knowledge in B2B and the industrial market, and understand the complexities and unique sales processes; and adapt your marketing approach to support this.

  • Our knowledge of digital and traditional marketing is unsurpassed! We know which channels work for industrial and B2B clients, we know how to target your audience and we know how to talk you your audience. As a leading integrated marketing agency, we integrate the power of traditional PR, search engine marketing, paid advertising, social media marketing and more, every day!

  • We take time to understand our clients' business and business goals, and develop marketing strategies that support these goals. This allows us to communicate your brand effectively and consistently.

  • We monitor what works - and what doesn't - and continuously adapt campaigns to ensure maximum ROI! Our analytical and reporting tools and expertise allow us to measure the effectiveness of every message communicated to the audience as well as the effectiveness of the channels used.

We'll work with you to tailor an integrated marketing strategy to drive real business opportunities for your company.


Our digital marketing strategies are geared towards achieving quality online conversions through maximising visibility and high-intent web traffic - not only in South Africa, but also tougher-to-reach international markets. By targeting end users with specific, tailored communications through the most appropriate Internet marketing channels, from Google search to social media, we drive maximum ROI to our clients.

Our digital marketing services include:

  • Web consultation and evaluation
  • Responsive web development
  • Web analytics and reporting
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Google Ads


We build sites optimised for lead generation. Our web developers are skilled in HTML, CSS and JS coding, and we offer a range of platforms for which to build a website to your specific requirements. These include a pure HTML build; WordPress; or our very own CMS platform, developed in-house by CubicICE, Swooji.

Whether you need a small or large website, we'll work with you to develop an effective, attractive and user-friendly site, generated within the best technical, content and usability practices so you can enhance your online marketing. Our recent development portfolio includes catalogue-type sites for smaller businesses, to a 1 000+ page website for Africa's largest hydraulics and automation solutions provider.

From the ground up, we build responsive websites, for optimum display and functionality across devices, from cell phone and tablet to PC, designed according to a well-developed knowledge of the latest Google algorithms for maximum ranking potential.

Jim Sterne, Chairman, Web Analytics Association, said of CubicICE: “This integrated marketing agency is ready to give any organisation a serious competitive advantage.”

Get started with a new website build today!   


Here's 2 stats you should consider: 1. Over 90% of business searches start with an Internet search. 2. The first page of results in any given Google search receives over 90% of the Internet traffic, with the top ranked result receiving over a third of all traffic. If you want to unlock the potential online marketing has for lead generation in any business, search engine marketing is a critical approach.

We will work with you to translate your business objectives into an overall digital marketing strategy. We then will target relevant high-intent web traffic using search engine marketing techniques including SEO and advertising on the Google search and display networks.

Our copywriters and digital specialists have a high degree of search engine marketing skill and knowledge, consistently demonstrated in such recent efforts as:

Veolia Water Technologies google.co.za 58 search terms 112 search terms
JoJo Tanks google.co.za 74 search terms 86 search terms
Hytec Group google.co.za 43 search terms 82 search terms
Truco google.co.za 67 search terms 83 search terms
Projects IQ google.co.za 36 search terms 71 search terms
Multotec google.co.za 95 search terms 124 search terms

These rankings are all considered high value based on search volume, search intent and relevance to the business.


As a Google-certified digital marketing company and Google Partner, we pride ourselves on our intimate knowledge of Google's inner mechanics and algorithms. From machine learning to the semantic web, we produce content in line with today's search engines' strictest requirements for success.


Thanks to social media marketing, companies can now reach an even wider audience. We use social media for marketing online to very clearly defined audiences at very specific parts of their buyer journey with relevant content. It also opens new channels of marketing communication that have been especially useful for companies targeting Africa. From Facebook to LinkedIn, social media advertising is a critical part of B2B marketing today.

Social marketing can also be used to create and maintain long-term client relations, as well as serve as a two-way communication channel between you and your customers. This is helpful in responding to specific concerns, as well as identifying and addressing more general customer questions or difficulties. Read more about social media engagement here.

Did you know? By spending as little as 6 hours per week, 66% of marketers see lead generation benefits with social media.
Did you know? ¾ of companies agree that email marketing offers ‘excellent' to ‘good' ROI.


Direct marketing approaches such as database and email marketing remain a successful form of B2B communication. We'll write and design HTML or plain-text mailers for your specific branding or lead generation purposes, as well as handle their distribution in-house.

We believe email marketing companies shouldn't just be able to deliver effective content as part of a greater marketing strategy; they should be able to track their performance as well. At CubicICE, we track such user-centric email performance data as bounce rates and conversions so that you can see what your marketing ROI is.



As a Google-certified digital agency, our digital specialists measure and monitor the effectiveness of our digital marketing campaigns every day. This doesn't just mean that we can provide clients with accurate, detailed and quantifiable data demonstrating your ROI. It also means we can respond rapidly to any performance feedback, and tweak and adjust campaigns for maximum B2B marketing performance.

Read more about our analytics and performance monitoring.

How can we help your business?



A well-placed advertisement can be a powerful tool for brand building, awareness campaigns and lead generation. In business environments where companies are all competing for the attention of buyers, advertising can help keep your brand top of mind.

We have a full creative team at CubicICE, providing the A to Z of advertising services for B2B and industrial companies, from media planning and buying to marketing strategy and graphic design. As a leading advertising company in SA, we do both print and online advertising, including search and display advertising, mobile advertising and social media advertising.

Why you should start advertising today:

  • Advertising gives you complete control of when and where your message will be seen
  • An advertisement is a channel to segment and target ideal customers only, with highly relevant messages
  • Advertising creates awareness for your brand, products and services
  • Good advertising enhances your brand and business credibility
  • An advertisement boosts the effectiveness of all your other marketing communications. An integrated marketing agency will be in best-suited for this.

Top advertising agencies should approach an advertisement with a sharp focus that is fixed on a specific client persona. They should then have the creative and technical expertise to deliver valuable content that creates awareness with an effective call to action. If your requirements entail digital advertising, the best advertising agencies will fanatically measure leads, conversions and impressions to give you comprehensive performance feedback.

We will work with you in identifying and targeting important audience segments through the most effective media and advertising channels to maximise brand reach and exposure, and therefore turnover and profit.

That's why we're a top advertising agency for B2B and industrial companies.




You can view more of our work here.

CubicICE is the integrated marketing agency of choice for some of Africa's biggest industrial companies.



PR is a powerful and cost-effective tool that helps builds a positive business environment for your brand! Our in-house team of technical writers generate effective PR content in line with an overall marketing strategy tailored to your PR objectives to help you build brand image, enhance credibility, engage target markets and increase lead generation.

We offer a complete PR service to B2B and industrial clients:

  • PR strategy
  • Press release writing
  • Technical writing
  • Online PR
  • Reputation management
  • Crisis communication management
  • Internal / business communications
  • Media monitoring

As a full service integrated marketing agency, CubicICE is your one-stop shop for B2B public relations, from strategy to production, publication and evaluation. As your dedicated PR partner, CubicICE offers:

  • Monthly retainers tailored to your PR requirements
  • Relations with over 500 vertical media publications
  • Media monitoring across print, digital and electronic publications

As an integrated marketing agency, we understand the importance of consistent brand messaging across different media platforms, and we use this knowledge to ensure your PR works as part of, and in response to, your wider communication efforts for maximum marketing effectiveness

Whether print or online PR, we provide complete, accurate media monitoring services to demonstrate your marketing ROI. This is included as part of our PR services to clients.

Did you know? In 12 months, we secured R9.5 million in earned PR coverage for 1 client - a 3 000% return on this client's PR retainer.

A team of professionals passionate about online success
Experienced and uniquely skilled to manage your marketing requirements
A full service marketing agency
A team of professionals passionate about online success
Experienced and uniquely skilled to manage your marketing requirements

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