Africa is seen as a key market for future business expansion. A successful marketing campaign needs to acknowledge the unique ways that people in these countries are using media to find the products and services they are looking for, and come up with localised marketing strategies that can reach this audience.

CubicICE has demonstrated success in targeting and generating leads in a wide range of African countries in several different languages.

At the same time, we're equally comfortable working with big multinational organisations who have very strict marketing protocols that need to be followed. We've worked with both small companies trying to break into the market as well as established, recognised brands looking to grow and consolidate their market position.


Effective, factual communication, lead generation and nurturing, building authority and positioning companies and products within a market are what we do everyday! Our marketing capabilities include: research, planning, strategy development, implementation, management and ongoing evaluation and reporting.

We use our experience in media relations and understand the unique value offered be each technical- and industry-focused journal, online channel, exhibition and conference.

Thanks to our team of professionals, we are able to complete most marketing efforts in-house. For activities like stand building, printing, in-depth market research and translations, we have a range of experience, dependable partners to maximise our marketing capabilities, but we will always manage the complete process on your behalf and take responsibility for delivery.

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