Best Rates

As a full media buying partner, we use our buying power and established press relationships to negotiate the best rates for your advertisement placement.

We Know SA's Media

We've worked hard to nurture good relations with SA's top media platforms. We also have a thorough understanding of their readership.

Brand Awareness

Putting your message in the right place at the right time: we'll make sure your brand is top-of-mind through strategic media planning and buying.


As important as the quality of your advertisement, the context in which it is read goes a long way in defining and shaping the reception of your brand through the media.

By combining our media buying and planning services with our copywriting and creative design projects, we ensure the message reaches the defined market in line with overall objectives of your marketing strategy. We buy media space according to a strategic analysis of our client's media goals as well as an astute, developed understanding of South Africa's B2B and industrial marketing and trade journals.

We are consistently in the loop for good opportunities that can achieve specific media goals, and we assess each one for the unique merits it offers to each media objective and tactic.

By using integrated marketing strategies, CubicICE can optimise the advantages each platform has to offer as we build an overarching positive brand identity!

In the digital environment, we ensure your advertisements reach high-quality, relevant web traffic: we define the parameters of your ad's exposure, and can thus ensure it reaches defined target markets that maximise its effectiveness and penetration.

Grow your exposure with SA's
leaders in B2B and industrial marketing!

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