Effective Message Delivery

Make sure your messaging is effectively delivered, and can be backed up with evidence and reasons for maximum communication effect.

Impactful, Quotable Sound Bites

We'll develop clarity around key messages you need to get across, with sound bites that will enhance your brand visibility and reputation.

Control Tricky PR Situations

You can't always predict what an interviewer will throw at you! We'll help you be prepared for any challenging or unexpected questions.


Being interviewed by a journalist or presenter can be intimidating if you are not adequately prepared. Even if you are a confident, but inexperienced interviewee, there are a number of nuances that could count either for or against you. Managing the interview is key!

CubicICE-managed media training teaches you:

  • What to say instead of going ‘off the record'
  • Essential things to familiarise yourself with before the interview
  • How to present yourself to a journalist / interviewer
  • What to disclose about yourself
  • The most appropriate method of conducting an interview
  • How to target YOUR audience through the medium
  • Methods of ensuring your key message is covered
  • How to ensure you are not misquoted
  • Interviewee tactics for print, radio and television
  • Ideal methods for delivering better telephone interviews

Subsequent to media training courses, CubicICE monitors its clients' progress, provides follow up instructions where necessary and supports its clients beyond the initial media training process.


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