Media Monitoring

Our media monitoring partner assesses the visibility of press releases in news platforms, and as well as the value of your PR coverage.

Call Tracking

We use call tracking to monitor telephonic leads. It's an important part of monitoring campaigns and can be used with any channel.

PPC Reporting

We can measure the precise effectiveness of paid online advertising through monitoring impressions, click-throughs and conversions.


We gauge web traffic, geolocation, on-page interaction, bounce rates and conversions with a range of analytical measurement tools.

Search Engine Rankings

We monitor your page ranks for keywords relevant to your business and constantly monitor the performance of our SEO strategies.

Social Media Reporting

Besides brand awareness, we can measure the impressions and click-throughs of your social media ads to provide insight into campaign success.


As far as possible, we strive for concrete performance metrics on every marketing campaign we execute! Our strength is not only in our sophisticated approach to monitoring methodologies, but in our commitment and ability to adjust and fine-tune campaigns once they've been implemented.

We accurately measure and provide performance insights into:

  • Public relations
  • Media relations
  • Digital marketing campaigns (SEO, remarketing, SEM, social media advertising, etc.)
  • Website marketing
  • Brand / Corporate ID publicity
  • Design concepts

Performance measurement is an in-depth campaign itself. Results from one aspect of the campaign can lead to changes in another aspect.


  • Situation Analysis (where are we now?)
  • Objectives (where do we want to go?)
  • Strategy (how do we get there?)
  • Tactics (the details of strategy, including the marketing mix and communications mix)
  • Action (the details of tactics - who does what, when - including processes & systems)
  • Control (metrics that you need to measure at different times)

We believe that performance measurement requires a holistic approach. We measure your ROI with monthly reports and quarterly in-depth analysis reports.

Get maximum ROI from your
marketing efforts!

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