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Tailored SEO Packages to Your Needs

Our client focus is to deliver tailored SEO services according to your unique business requirements in relation to online search and market competitiveness. We work with our clients to map out priority keywords, and optimise your website so that it becomes a lead generation machine for this search engine traffic.

Ongoing Research of Search Trends & Competitor Analysis

Thorough online research into the search traffic relating to your business precedes any web optimisation strategy. Competition for relevant traffic needs to be researched, and new, valuable SEO opportunities identified that can bring quality traffic to your website.

On-Page and Technical Optimisation

If you already have a website, we conduct end-to-end SEO audits that provide a guideline of immediate SEO requirements. We'll make sure you're avoiding a potential Google penalty that can hurt your site. Once any in-house site and web design issues are ironed out, our SEO team will begin to build content in line with the latest SEO strategies.

Full Web Analytics Reporting Tracks Performance and Provides ROI

We constantly monitor changes to your search engine rankings, and track and measure all the analytical data of your organic traffic. This intelligence is crucial in understanding your site's user experience; how website performance can be further optimised; as well as in providing you with a complete, detailed report of your online marketing return on investment.

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Increase Web Traffic

Draw traffic from Google to your site by becoming a top-listed result for your product and service offerings.

Generate Leads

From this increased website traffic comes greater lead generation opportunities. Don't get left behind!

High Lead Quality

SEO leads have far greater close rates (avg. 14.6%) than leads generated through outbound marketing activities (avg. 1.7%)!


You don't pay Google to get your website ranking: it's done by producing high-quality content that's optimised for search engines.

Brand Awareness

Having your website appear more frequently in search results means increased exposure for your brand.

Measurable ROI

Tracking rankings, traffic and conversions allows us to measure your ROI, as well as tweak campaigns for even greater success.


Search engine optimisation helps your site rank in the organic section of the search results page (SERP). While getting your website ranking high on the first page of the SERP is one of the most valuable online marketing strategies you can invest in, and while it is unpaid lead generation, it's not a quick fix.

Businesses looking for faster lead generation results from search engine traffic can also consider Google Ads. Google Ads is the paid advertising component of search engine marketing. These ads appear along the top, bottom and sometimes side of the SERP, and advertisers can pay for the position of their ad (called a pay-per-click or PPC ad) according to how much they're willing to spend on their cost-per-click.

Here are some of the major differences between SEO and Google Ads to consider when looking at search engine marketing:

  • Google Ads is paid marketing, SEO is free (earned)
  • The pricing for Google Ads advertising is determined by the competitiveness of a given keyword on a cost-per-click basis. Advertisers paying the most for a given keyword are rewarded with a first-listing ad. To get to the top of Google via SEO requires significantly more work
  • As such, it's quicker to get website traffic through a Google Adwords campaign, while the SEO process is a longer-term commitment
  • However, SEO has longevity: When a Google Ads campaign is stopped, that listing immediately drops off the SERP, while top ranking web results, having earned their position, can be difficult to dislodge
  • The Google Ads platform allows advertising on third-party sites (the Google Display Network), while organic ranking applies to search results only

It's clear that SEO and Google Ads offer distinct advantages and optimum scenarios of use. When used together as part of a holistic search engine marketing plan, companies can look to gain more immediate results with Google Ads while building on their SEO profile that will deliver the long-term online marketing objectives and ultimately limit the need for paid media.

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At CubicICE, we understand that Search Engine Optimisation:

  • focuses on improving quality, not just quantity, of your organic traffic
  • covers all SEO factors: keyword significance; brand and domain authority; efficient and web crawler-friendly code; mobile responsiveness; user experience and much more
  • focuses on a complete site-wide approach to achieve sustainable success
  • takes time and ongoing commitment to see results, especially in ultra-competitive markets. It can take up to 6 months to get out of the sandbox!
  • mobilises the keyword universe applicable to your business for greater search and semantic accuracy
  • targets user intent to increase organic traffic conversion rate


Google has placed more emphasis on delivering location-specific search results to users looking for products and services. Websites, accordingly, need to be optimised for these localised searches in order to be deemed a relevant search result for that enquiry.

When targeting markets in countries outside of South Africa, the best SEO strategies are highly localised, with considerations such as local language use and language variations, technical environment (most popular device types, etc.), and so on, of crucial importance to your online presence and conversion rate.

As a premier digital marketing agency in South Africa, we've helped companies take their search engine marketing beyond SA's borders with location-sensitive SEO services that work in tandem with their overall online marketing activities.

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Knowledge, planning, implementation and management are the key factors that separate us from the thousands of other so-called professional SEO companies out there.

Typically working with a client, CubicICE first works to identify both brand and non-brand search terms, with the objective of understanding monthly search volume, search intent and competitiveness, followed by establishing a ranking priority list. This list can be anything from 20 to 200 search terms to start.

From there CubicICE formulates a strategy with objectives, timing and required effort planning. In most cases we would use SOSTAC® planning, as this sets benchmarks and allows for in-depth planning and assessment over a period of time. Get your site Google compliant with a leading SEO agency today!


According to Matt Cutts, the former head of Google's web spam team, social media signals are no longer considered in the Google algorithm. At the time, it caught many SEO companies off-guard. But whereas it may no longer feature in Google's post-2014 algorithms, savvy online marketing companies understand the indirect impact social media marketing can have on a website's rank in 2018.

Like search engines, social media is a helpful digital marketing tool for increasing the reach of your website content. Social media marketing can get your content to new audience segments, and if the content is useful or helpful, it's more likely that it could start generating backlinks from new websites. And that's where your content marketing goes to the next level.

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