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Business Leads

We use social media channels to make sure you reach relevant target markets that have a genuine interest in your products and services.

Build Brand Recognition

Get your brand out there! Social media is a powerful tool for increasing your online visibility and your brand presence, ensuring you are always top of mind!

Enhance Brand Authority

Innovative social media used for advertising products and services can get influential customers talking about your brand. Let's start a wildfire!

Increase Web Traffic

Quality advertising content builds direct paths back to your website as well as increasing your site's search engine ranking potential.

Reporting ROI

Our team of digital marketers provide monthly analytical reports on social media campaigns to demonstrate results of these efforts!

Low Marketing Cost

Using these platforms correctly can leverage huge ROI. We'll make sure the optimum channels are used for maximum targeting effectiveness.


There are over 350 million Internet users in Africa and over 60% use Facebook. In South Africa alone, there are 13 million Facebook users, 7.4 million Twitter users, 8.28 million YouTube users and 2.68 million Instagram users.

While there can be no doubt on the reach capabilities of social media, B2B and industrial markets need a researched, targeted and actionable social media engagement strategy to see real results. Experience has shown that many B2B and industrial companies are sceptical of social media advertising, until we start generating valuable leads for their business.

Social media is no longer just a platform for people sharing. It is being used by engineers, project managers, technicians, consultants and various business professionals, including management executives. People working in B2B and industrial markets are socially connected and open to engagement via these channels.

CubicICE is gaining our clients multimillion-Rand leads through strategic social media campaigns!


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