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Social media accessed via mobile device is the fastest growing lead-generating platform for industrial companies in Africa. Don't miss out!

We Understand Social Media

We've used social media in B2B marketing since it first became popular. Having implemented many successful campaigns, we know what works.

Measuring Campaign Effectiveness

We want your marketing spend to see tangible results. We provide monthly analytical reports on all social media marketing campaigns.


Social media engagement is a long-term strategy. It requires dedication, adaptability, patience and empathy, not to mention skill in how you broadcast the content and tone of your company's brand. We see social media engagement as:

  • Posting content about product, important projects, attended events, etc. to keep your brand top of mind
  • Responding to customers
  • Monitoring brand mentions
  • Researching trends in your industry and in social media
  • Engaging with experts and business partners
  • Reassessing marketing objectives and KPIs depending on results

These are just some of the activities we see comprising the complex practice of effective social media engagement. If you're looking to enhance customer engagement with your brand, contact us today to see how we can help you.


Many companies jump onto the social media bandwagon just because they feel they have to. At CubicICE, we see the value of social media engagement as one that, first and foremost, optimises customer experience of your brand.

CubicICE has used social media engagement effectively by working with our clients as part of a larger, coordinated brand marketing strategy with clear goals and business objectives. Engaging with your existing and potential customers with clear, concise and cohesive content that enhances the way they do business has been the cornerstone of our success.

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